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A bit of statistics-related humor (seriously)

In honor of April Fools’ Day, we offer up this cartoon for the statisticians and marketing researchers out there: Source: XKCD

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Mountain Dew crowdsourcing project goes off the rails

Crowdsourcing is a growing trend in the research industry, garnering praise for facilitating true collaboration and for engaging fans and consumers by letting their voices be heard – unfiltered. And while crowdsourcing has worked for Ben & Jerry’s, vitaminwater and … Continue reading

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Happy holidays and sweet ‘Market Research Dreaming’

Quirk’s would like to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. We’d also like to share Leominster, Mass., research software company BayaSoft’s 2011 “Market Research Dreaming” holiday e-card! We’re always flattered to be spoofed by our peers! … Continue reading

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Researchers, don’t explain your profession – share your identity

Editor’s note: Jim Karrh is director of MarketSearch, a Little Rock, Ark., research firm. What is your identity as a marketing researcher? I’ve been engaged in research – and going to cocktail parties – for years, but after reading this … Continue reading

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Does God need to work on customer satisfaction?

Whenever we conduct a survey about our magazine, we receive approval ratings above 90 percent – which makes me pretty happy. But I’m always a bit hesitant to tout these numbers because I wonder how they compare to other magazines … Continue reading

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Quality control and judgment calls: Would you count this survey complete?

Filling quotas with high-quality completes while providing quick turnaround is the aspiration of every researcher. Unfortunately, researchers are sometimes forced to choose between the two. Back in college when I worked as a telephone interviewer, I was calling on a … Continue reading

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Quirk’s looks back: ‘online’ news in the 1980s

This October, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The October issue will not only focus on where research is headed but also take look back at marketing research over the past 25 years. While researching the state … Continue reading

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Who’s zoomin’ who?

I read with interest this piece from Adweek about how ad agency Wieden + Kennedy’s success on the Old Spice campaign has supposedly caused Procter & Gamble to throw caution to the wind and bypass its usual ad-testing procedures. I’m … Continue reading

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Get your meme entered today

Tom Anderson of Anderson Analytics has been holding an annual research meme contest and today is the final day to submit your entry for 2011.  The first-place prize is a $1,000 Amazon gift certificate so take a few minutes to enter yours. … Continue reading

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Unusual research applications: branding babies on Bravo

I was watching the premier of a new series on Bravo called Pregnant In Heels, which follows the business of maternity concierge Rosie Pope as she guides Manhattan moms-to-be into motherhood. The first episode focused on the Jacobs family, a … Continue reading

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