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’Tis the season of self-denial – Should marketers pay attention?

I live a life of perfect moderation all year round (har har) so I don’t make New Year’s resolutions and I don’t participate in Lenten fasting. But according to a study from Barna Group, conducted among 1,026 American adults, 17 … Continue reading

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Overworked working moms: Let go and let Dad?

Feeling spread thin is a lament heard often from working parents, though perhaps more often from working moms than working dads, and new research from The Ohio State University (OSU) sheds some light on why that is. A study conducted … Continue reading

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Survey says: My kids are getting ripped off

I don’t recall when my parents handed me my first allowance (it was so long ago, there may have been buffalo nickels involved) but with our daughters seemingly at the right ages (one’s a third-grader, the other a kindergartner) to … Continue reading

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Survey shows the high cost of youth sports

I am not the world’s biggest hockey fan (understatement of the century) but I do live in the State of Hockey and I do have a son. Slowly but surely, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I will … Continue reading

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NRF study: 181 million Americans to watch 2014 Super Bowl

The most-watched professional sport in America will draw an estimated 181 million viewers – 75.4 percent – when the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, February 2 for Super Bowl XLVIII. And, according to the National Retail … Continue reading

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Study shows how we limit our social networks

Despite the way that mobile technologies and social networking sites have made it easier to stay in touch with large numbers of acquaintances, a new study has shown that people still put most of their efforts into communicating with small … Continue reading

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Are phablets soon to be fab?

In a consumer electronics world dominated by smartphones, HDTVs, laptop computers and tablet PCs, a new market category is generating significant consumer buying interest: wearable technologies. A new Accenture survey (Accenture Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014) found that more than … Continue reading

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Some fun breakfast insights to snack on

Among the many e-newsletters we peruse each month here at Quirk’s is Breakfast Beat from the American Egg Board (AEB). (Find out more here.) As connoisseurs of all things breakfast-y – especially of the eat-in-your-car-on-the-way-to-work ilk – we always enjoy … Continue reading

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Are you the CEO of mail in your household?

Getting the mail every day and deciding what to do with it may seem like a mindless chore and chances are you’ve never given much thought to how your neighbors, family or co-workers deal with their mail. Would you be … Continue reading

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