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Global cross-border shopping trends revealed

Results from a new study commissioned by FedEx (FDX) and conducted by Forrester Consulting on the priorities and preferences of global online shoppers indicate how truly global online shopping has become, according to a recent press release. In an effort … Continue reading

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Chinese luxury consumers putting a premium on craftsmanship

While high-earning Chinese consumers are known for their love of luxury items and the status they can confer, new research from Mintel reveals there is a new characteristic these consumers are looking for: craftsmanship. Indeed, according to Mintel, “craftsmanship” was … Continue reading

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Study examines world regulators’ responses to green marketing claims

The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) has released Green Marketing: A Global Legal Perspective, a study which found that 54 percent of the countries surveyed had legal or self-regulatory challenges to marketers’ “green” claims and 15 percent have recently released … Continue reading

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Insights in Action: Ethnography sharpens Gillette razor launch in India

Just wanted to bring to your attention a great long-form piece by the AP’s Mae Anderson on Procter & Gamble’s adventures in ethnography as it determined how to sell its Gillette razors in India. The article offers, as one quoted … Continue reading

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Maybe Jack Bauer will save the (marketing) world after all

Fascinating AdAge MediaWorks article on Kiefer Sutherland’s upcoming Fox series Touch, which will simultaneously launch in March in more than 100 countries fueled by a massive global marketing effort from Unilever. The mind boggles at the work that must have … Continue reading

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Great expectations: Do tipping and customer service go hand-in-hand?

Here in the U.S., we live in a tip-happy culture. From pizza delivery guys to hairstylists to baristas, tips are counted on by service-industry workers as part of their salary and accounted for on the part of consumers as part … Continue reading

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Reflections on ESOMAR Congress: Asking the big questions to put research findings in the context of consumers

I’m back stateside from the ESOMAR Annual Congress and it’s taken some time to process everything that was packed into those three days. This was my first European marketing research conference and I was thankful for the opportunity to hear … Continue reading

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