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Keep those e-mail subject lines … extra-long?

Brevity may be the soul of wit but not so the B2C e-mail subject line. As reported by Marketing Charts, a July study from Adestra found that the longer the length (in characters) of a B2C e-mail subject line, the … Continue reading

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How to avoid the B2B commodity death spiral

Take a good hard look at your new product development strategies. What words come to mind? Do you think, “Fresh, daring and original!”? Or do you think, “Hmm, now where have I seen this before?” If your widgets look suspiciously … Continue reading

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Quality control and judgment calls: Would you count this survey complete?

Filling quotas with high-quality completes while providing quick turnaround is the aspiration of every researcher. Unfortunately, researchers are sometimes forced to choose between the two. Back in college when I worked as a telephone interviewer, I was calling on a … Continue reading

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