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A bit of statistics-related humor (seriously)

In honor of April Fools’ Day, we offer up this cartoon for the statisticians and marketing researchers out there: Source: XKCD

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Research bias in the news

Surveys, polling and other forms of marketing research have been practiced in a formal way for decades and yet on an almost daily basis I see the misuse of data. Here are three errors I’ve seen in the news recently. … Continue reading

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Will research get the election right?

Of all the recent changes in marketing research I’ve been particularly fascinated by those that are pushing the limits of traditional research by combining data sets. With today being Election Day in the United States, I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Are your marketing dollars being funneled to your competitors?

Not long ago I read that Google was under investigation by American regulators over whether it manipulates results to block competitors and promote its own services. The FTC investigation is driven by claims that Google is using search results and … Continue reading

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Happy holidays and sweet ‘Market Research Dreaming’

Quirk’s would like to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. We’d also like to share Leominster, Mass., research software company BayaSoft’s 2011 “Market Research Dreaming” holiday e-card! We’re always flattered to be spoofed by our peers! … Continue reading

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Eight Web predictions for 2012

The new near is less than two weeks away and we’ve set our sights on 2012. As the producer of our Web site, I’m always interested in what each new year brings in regard to the Web. Thanks to my … Continue reading

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Fake reviews point up dangers of relying on social media data

There has been a lot of emphasis in the marketing research industry recently about mining social media and other Web sites and combining the data with text analytics in order to get a true understanding of consumers’ views. Many in the … Continue reading

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Does God need to work on customer satisfaction?

Whenever we conduct a survey about our magazine, we receive approval ratings above 90 percent – which makes me pretty happy. But I’m always a bit hesitant to tout these numbers because I wonder how they compare to other magazines … Continue reading

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Quirk’s looks back: ‘online’ news in the 1980s

This October, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The October issue will not only focus on where research is headed but also take look back at marketing research over the past 25 years. While researching the state … Continue reading

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When tracking customer feedback, could the customer be the problem?

One advantage of being a small business is that we tend to have direct contact with our customers. This contact is vital to the way we operate our business.  On a daily basis we hear what is working or not … Continue reading

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