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Do elections bring out the worst in research?

Two weeks ago, I received a call on our landline phone from a local number and woman’s name I didn’t recognize. When I answered, a man said that he was conducting a nationwide political poll. Without identifying himself or the … Continue reading

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Smash Mute: What is shutting up the ads worth to you?

With the debates leading up to Decision 2012 behind us, it’s only a few short weeks until all is settled at the polls on November 6th. In that time, however, TV viewers can expect the campaign ads and mudslinging therein … Continue reading

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Diners find mobile-aided ordering palatable

From offering consumers apps to pre-order food, touch screens for food selections and orders taken on a tablet by an employee, it’s clear that fast-food, quick-service and full-service restaurants are attempting to carve out a piece of the mobile pie. … Continue reading

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Final reflections on the CRC 2012

It’s been a week since I returned to the office from the Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) in Dallas and there are just a few more observations I wanted to share with the Quirk’s audience. Since the economy tanked, everyone’s been … Continue reading

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