In the land of free money, a vacation reigns supreme

One of our favorite office pastimes is asking each other what we would do if we won the lottery. Of course none of us newly-made millionaires would quit working at jobs we love, but most of us could agree that we’d 1) avoid Minnesota winters and 2) see the world.

What is it about “free” money that turns Americans into wannabe jet-setters?

A survey from Plymouth, Minn., travel company Travel Leaders asked 953 consumers across the U.S. what they would do if they were given $5,000 to use in any way they pleased. On average, respondents said they would spend $2,150 of the $5,000 on travel – more than paying bills ($1,180), investing ($435) and shopping ($425) combined. Overall, almost 86 percent indicated they would spend some portion of the $5,000 on travel.

Okay, okay, so I don’t play the lottery and I’m sure a free $5,000 isn’t coming my way anytime soon but a girl can dream, right? What would you do with bonus cash? Why do you think wanderlust is so strong in Americans?

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One Response to In the land of free money, a vacation reigns supreme

  1. Trevor says:

    I think travel is important to Americans because we are so diverse…we see so many different cultures, we want to see the “real thing”. Curiosity is also a part of it… The same thing that makes so many Americans inventors and entrepreneurs is the thing that wants to learn more about the world.