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Who’s zoomin’ who?

I read with interest this piece from Adweek about how ad agency Wieden + Kennedy’s success on the Old Spice campaign has supposedly caused Procter & Gamble to throw caution to the wind and bypass its usual ad-testing procedures. I’m … Continue reading

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Problems and solutions – which make their mark on your company?

There is always chatter in the research realm regarding how – and which – snafus in the customer experience will result in the dreaded negative word-of-mouth. It’s something every company has to be concerned with because, let’s face it: Accidents … Continue reading

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When tracking customer feedback, could the customer be the problem?

One advantage of being a small business is that we tend to have direct contact with our customers. This contact is vital to the way we operate our business.  On a daily basis we hear what is working or not … Continue reading

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The highs and lows of cable TV cord-cutting

Last fall, our family downgraded our cable package, going from the heights of high-def to the depths of DVR-less basic cable. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. I love me my HDTV. But it made budgetary sense so we … Continue reading

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Surveys in the hands of salesmen

I recently purchased a 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid (one of the best-built cars I have owned – but that is for another blog). With the recent spike in gas prices, the supply for Fusion Hybrids has been low in the … Continue reading

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Research as an art and a science

Hello, readers! Today I’m coming to you live from the 53rd-annual Marketing Research Association conference in Washington, D.C. This morning I sat in on a three-hour workshop focused on mobile mixed-mode research. One of the presenters, Steve Murrill of Meta … Continue reading

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Following vs. bucking the trends: What a simple car repair taught me about me

Here at Quirk’s, part of my job is being the aggregator of the Survey Monitor department in our monthly magazine. Aside from blogging, of course, it’s one of my favorite tasks! I like following the current trends and seeing how … Continue reading

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