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What’s your research rant?

This year, while in New York at the ARF Annual RE: Think! Convention and Expo, I was invited to attend The Big Speak Easy: A Secret Meeting of the Research Liberation Front. The event was billed as “an unprecedented opportunity for true revolutionaries … Continue reading

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A second look at manners vs. accent

Followers of this blog might recall my March 16 post “You say potato, I say potahto – why attitudes and accents matter for researchers.” For those who want the abridged version, I suggested that research might be more successful if … Continue reading

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The power of entertainment

I was speaking with a fellow from the pawn industry the other day and I asked him if business was up since the popular show Pawn Stars began running on the History Channel. He said that between the economy and … Continue reading

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Customer satisfaction research: How soon is too soon?

There’s an old saying that, in life, timing is everything. Based on my recent experiences, I think this adage applies to customer satisfaction research as well. Last month, my wife and I went to purchase a used Toyota Camry hybrid (we … Continue reading

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You say potato, I say potahto – why attitudes and accents matter for researchers

We’ve all seen Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams on their respective evening news programs, showing the U.S. – ever so subtly – that no accent is the best kind of accent. In the research industry, we’ve also seen the promotional … Continue reading

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How not to respond to a customer complaint

Late last summer, a spate of unusually high winds tore a large limb off of a box elder tree in our backyard. An arborist said the poor tree should be taken down so I contacted some local tree services, settling … Continue reading

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The media, Madison and misappropriation: co-opting the research language

As of late, the American media eye has been fixed on the political protests and general unrest in Madison, Wis. Having grown up and gone through the Wisconsin public school system under the 14-year-long reign of ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson, I’m … Continue reading

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