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A focus group commercial we love

Lately there have been numerous commercials featuring focus groups. Some, like the Domino’s spots, have taken a kind of reality TV “gotcha”-style approach. Others have aimed at a more humorous take. No matter their intent, their mere presence on the … Continue reading

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Is an oatmeal facial the pathway to product innovation?

Lately I’ve noticed several foods now touting the presence of “all-natural” ingredients. For example, one of our household faves is Quaker Instant Oatmeal. Our kids love the apples and cinnamon variety and as parents we appreciate the convenience of stirring … Continue reading

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Is an NFL team’s brand as important as its record?

Confession: I am a Cheesehead. Through and through. No apologies; no regrets. I may live in Minnesota and cheer on my Gophers and Twins, but as a Wisconsin native my passion for the Green Bay Packers has burned long and … Continue reading

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The surveys that drove me crazy

So, this past summer I was at a local music festival and a well-known CPG company was handing out samples of one of its dinnertime products, along with an invitation to complete a series of online surveys in exchange for … Continue reading

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The value of checking your emotions at the door

This past week here at Quirk’s we had a meeting with the firm that administers our 401(k) program. We all know the stock market roller coaster can be very stress-inducing and it is extremely difficult to separate our own emotions … Continue reading

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Smartphones beget smartshopping, research says

About six months ago I joined the ranks of the 30 percent of the U.S. population that owns a smartphone, and already I can’t begin to count the ways in which it has improved my life: unlimited photo uploading to … Continue reading

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