Is Kim Kardashian a market research guru?

Just the other day, Kim Kardashian appeared on the Today Show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. She and her sisters are more than reality TV stars – they are now a full-fledged brand. In addition to their TV shows, they have a clothing line, cosmetics, perfume, workout videos, a credit card (yes, a Kardashian credit card) and now a book too.

So how did the Kardashians make the leap from reality stars to successful brand?

Kim has a Twitter following of five million and involves those followers in her choices. In her own words she calls Twitter “like the best focus group.”

So is she ahead of her time? You be the judge. Watch the video below.

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2 Responses to Is Kim Kardashian a market research guru?

  1. It’s interesting though how she didn’t think of it s MR, he put the word focus group in her mouth. Perhaps more telling of what is to come…

  2. PS. For fun, I blogged about her paid tweeting model earlier this year: