Let’s get started

Hello world! Glad to finally be entering the ranks of Those Who Blog!

As editor of a magazine and Web site for the marketing research industry, I’ll naturally try to keep the proceedings focused on some aspect of marketing research, no matter the type (qualitative or quantitative) or the label attached to it (customer insights, consumer insights, strategic insights, market research, marketing research, etc.).

But be warned: I’m kind of an information junkie so I may veer off on unrelated tangents now and again. (I had a blast a few years back finding out that Input is one of my strengths – though as Rath and Co.’s analysis points out, and a look around my office would attest, media hoarders like me are danger of ending up being buried under stacks of unread newspapers, magazines and books, so I’m not sold on the idea of Input being a strength.) As much as possible, I’ll always aim to work my way back to the research realm.

One of the things I love about my job is that I’m a consumer too, just like the people our audience of corporate researcher readers spend their time querying, watching and analyzing. I’m fascinated by why we buy the things we buy, why we make large purchases on a whim one day and take 20 minutes to choose a can of soup the next. So it’s been a treat for the past 22 years to be able to talk to, write about and learn from the folks who go to work every day to solve the mysteries of consumption.

Indeed, for the same reasons that respondents to our reader survey said they enjoy their jobs as researchers because of the variety of studies they work on, I’m continually fascinated by the ever-changing nature of consumerism and ways the marketing research industry comes up with to try to make sense of it.

Never a dull moment!

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One Response to Let’s get started

  1. Charlene says:

    Yay! A fellow information junkie! Love the new website and the aggregated information is fabulous. And, congratulations on starting a blog…looking forward to reading what you have to share. Oh, and if you’re ever in need of guest posts, just shout – I have no doubt that there are many readers that would love to share on your blog, including myself.