Welcome to Quirk’s blog!

For almost 25 years Quirk’s Marketing Research Review has vetted, aggregated, edited and organized marketing research content to help market researchers understand the value and proper use of research.

For every story we publish in our magazine or e-newsletter, however, there are dozens of items that don’t make the cut. And, there are even more conversations, interviews, survey findings and industry news that are locked away in our brains.

The Quirk’s Blog is dedicated to giving light to these topics, ideas and conversations. Many of the items don’t warrant a full article but are valuable and interesting nonetheless. We hope the casual nature and immediacy of the blog format will enable us to provide more context and insight to market researchers – and hopefully bring some fun to the topic as well.

If at anytime you have comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@quirks.com.

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One Response to Welcome to Quirk’s blog!

  1. Great to see Quirks implementing a blog. Great idea! Looking forward to the interaction.