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Is Kim Kardashian a market research guru?

Just the other day, Kim Kardashian appeared on the Today Show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. She and her sisters are more than reality TV stars – they are now a full-fledged brand. In addition to their TV shows, … Continue reading

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Client vs. research supplier relationship

Regular Quirk’s contributor Brett Hagins sent me an amusing YouTube video that lampoons the state of the research client vs. research supplier relationship. The video is clearly from a supplier’s point of view as it pokes fun at the many frustrations they … Continue reading

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What is Quirk’s thankful for?

Back in 1986, when my father Tom Quirk started Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, he had no idea how well-received the publication would be, nor how large an audience it would garner. He started out in a one-room office in an … Continue reading

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Let’s get started

Hello world! Glad to finally be entering the ranks of Those Who Blog! As editor of a magazine and Web site for the marketing research industry, I’ll naturally try to keep the proceedings focused on some aspect of marketing research, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Quirk’s blog!

For almost 25 years Quirk’s Marketing Research Review has vetted, aggregated, edited and organized marketing research content to help market researchers understand the value and proper use of research. For every story we publish in our magazine or e-newsletter, however, … Continue reading

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